Available Licenses

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Standard License

The Standard License is available for projects where attribution is not wanted or is otherwise impossible. (radio ad, TV ad, corporate presentation, commercial short, on-hold music, etc.)
Select the titles, fill out your info, download the resulting PDF license, pay with PayPal!
1 Piece: $30
2 Pieces: $25 each
3 or more: $20 each
Creative Commons

There is no charge for a Creative Commons license. It does require that you credit the music.
Select the titles, copy and paste the resulting credits into your work!
Phone System License

Applies only to telephone systems.
$95 forever.

Retail Location License

For retail, restaurant, spa, and similar physical locations.
$95 for 10 years.

Contact Details

Email: music@nordensound.com
Website: www.nordensound.com

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