About Me

Andris Kirilovs - Producer

     My parents had a big collection of vinyl. As soon as I was able to switch the turntable on I was listening to it most of the time. After a while my father bought me some strange Soviet synthesizer which looked like this. And so I was putting on vinyl, recording it through the microphone to the tape recorder while playing synth on top. It was a disaster.

      As the time went by I had a chance to work in different music-related areas: writing music for songs, recording all kinds of stuff in studio, making movie sound, making tv and radio commercials, mixing and mastering. For about 15 years now I'm reading lectures on Music Production. Time to time I write short music pieces which I place on this website. So here you go, I hope you'll find some nice tunes here. Good luck!

“I have nothing to say and I am saying it and that is poetry as I need it.”

John Cage

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Email: music@nordensound.com
Website: www.nordensound.com

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